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The TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE was opened in 2014 as a Back Packer branch of our NILAVELI DIVING CENTRE, PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort in Nilaveli with very competive rates. It is and managed by an international team of competent PADI Dive Master and PADI Dive Instructors. We hadling this dive operation with two diving boats, Each boat for maximum 5 divers plus one dive guide.

First class compressors (made by Bauer) speedily fill the 12 l diving tanks. 10 complete Scubapro diving gears can be rented.

The Diving Centre has an equipment room and an well an open terrace meeting and training facility. We have a large cleaning basin for your equipment, and afterwards your suit can dry perfectly in the shade. Again you see that all is taken care of. At the diving base you have the possibility to practice boat diving tours (all grades of difficulty).

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178/32, Nilaveli Road, Allesgarden, Uppuveli,Trincomalee, Sri Lanka , (View Location)
0094 (0)76 760 85 97 - Hans & Team

When Is Sri Lanka Diving Season?

From mid November onwards the diving on the east coast is influenced by the north east monsoon. The sea becomes rough, it can start the heavy rain and the visibility will get bad.

Due to these conditions our TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE will be closed from 10.October till 15.April. Usually the north east monsoon blows continuously from the north east and carries more humid air from the Indian Ocean. Sometimes there are strong winds and rain but on average never longer than an hour or two. Daily sunshine is even during the monsoon period in avarage 8 hours a day. Day temperatures are around 32 to 38 Degrees Celsius and night temperatures 26 to 30 Degrees Celsius. Water temperature is the whole year between 26 to 30 Celsius.

Mid of October till mid of April we operate our UNAWATUNA DIVING CENTRE on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Here the south west monsoon ends at around the mid of October beginning of March and the dive season here starts with a calmer sea and good underwater vision.

Diving On Sri Lanka's East Coast


Trincomalee - Uppuveli

(Open Daily: 15. April To 10. October, 8 Am To 7 Pm)

The East Coast of Sri Lanka is rated as one of Asia's top dive sites and offers outstanding experiences for all skill levels. As the island essentially sits atop a huge sandbank that drops 1500m into deep ocean you'll usually find shallow sand or rock bottoms, but you can also dive on walls and drop-offs. Because you're seldom far from deep water, opportunities for encounters with pelagics, sharks and other inhabitants of the open ocean abound.

Wrecks are a particular attraction of on the East Coast. The island has long been on international trade routes - including the spice and tea runs between Europe and East Asia - and over the centuries its treacherous coastline has claimed many ships. Among the best-known is the British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, sunk off the east coast during World War II. Many of the wrecks you'll dive on have virtually disintegrated, partially as a result of their age, the natural action of the sea or persistent salvage attempts by local divers. But the remaining hull fragments are often still interesting to divers for the abundant marine life they attract.

Trinco Diving
Our TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE, PADI Resort S-23912 is the latest branch of the original NILAVELI DIVING CENTRE, PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort. It is located right off the Uppuveli Beach. Uppuveli is a small fishing village, just a few kilometres north of Trinco. Great beaches, many Back Packer Lodges and restaurants, fishing boats and many palm trees.

We are not only offering an extensive range of boat diving tours (all difficulty grades) and Snorkeling Trips that are supervised by our experienced team of international PADI Dive Masters and Dive Instructors but also highly attractive dive packages and budget accommodation directly at SHIVAS BEACH RESORT where our Dive Centre is located.

The prime location on Sri Lanka's East Coast offers you direct access to one of South Asia's top rated diving sites.

Our extensive range of boat diving tours (all difficulty grades) are supervised by an experienced team of international and local PADI Dive Masters and PADI Instructors.

We offer a wide range of PADI certification coures as well as individual equipment rental - catering for all needs and budgets.

Trincomalee Diving Packages

Scuba Diving 20€

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